Updated Map, Skills System, and Randomly Generated Weapons

Map Update

The map for arcade mode has been updated to be more list-like. Since the path to the end was linear, it did not make too much sense the way the old map worked (still implemented in Endless). There might be a bit of a disconnect with the shop button, but I feel like it’s clear enough for people to notice? Hopefully the bright neon green SHOP sign helps, lol.

New List-Like Map
New List-Like Map

Skills & Random-Stat Weapons

A skill system has also been put in. Unlocked weapons (which you gain from completing Arcade Mode) will have skills that contribute to particular play styles and will help you get further in Endless mode.
The randomly generated weapons were put in yesterday and will be seen in shops in Endless mode. I put the first descriptive adjectives that came to mind to next to the default names, so please bear with me for now as they sound pretty stupid xD. They are also too strong. Trying to come up with a formula where the weapon stats scale at the right amount based an your stage is what’s currently on the plate.

Random stats, randome adjectives. Much lolz.
Random stats, random adjectives. Much lolz. Oh, and skills!

List of Skills

Here are the skills currently implemented along with their temporary (maybe) names:

Barrier Block Club cards in hands slightly increase defense
More Money Diamond cards in hands slightly increase gold earned
Healing Heart Heart cards in hands heal a bit per damage done
Stabby Spade Spade cards in hands deal a little extra damage
Critical Chance Gives 15% chance of critical hit
Exp Boost Increases experience earned