Pixel Poker Battle

Pixel Prototype is currently developing its first mobile game! Pixel Poker Battle will be a casual game for Android & iOS that features pixel art and adventure/card themes. It took a while to develop due to lots of gameplay mechanic changes. Even though prototyping each change didn’t take too long, the constant iteration to try to make the game as fun as possible took a while, making it longer than expected to develop. u_u

Right now most of the features are in (I think. I hope.) and what needs the most attention is the balancing (so hard!). The past week showed changes in visual things like the map, and internal things like the way items are generated (specifically for the endless mode). Will be talking about all these things in more detail in the next blog post.

You can view the basic details about the game here! I am hoping to release (Android first, then iOS shortly after) in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully you can give it a try when it’s out. :)