Experimental Side Project

Using Twitch.tv under Twitch Plays, Pixel Prototype came up with an experimental live streaming game.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 19.29.36

The game is a simple Rock-Paper-Scissor type game with the following commands you can type in the chatroom:
!attack (attack beats magic)
!magic (magic beats parry)
!parry (parry beats attack)

Leveling up each command makes it stronger and eventually if you’ve leveled it enough, a change in your armor/weapons.

Special events can also occur:
If your team lands 2x attack in a row, it will lifesteal!
If your team lands 2x magic in a row, it will do double damage!
If your team lands 2x parry in a row, you will be able to block the next incoming attack!

Although this experimental game will not be up for long, it was an interesting project. Things learned:
– The lag makes it quite unplayable and reduces the enjoyment you should be getting. Instant feedback from your command would be much better
– Without a lot of people playing at one time, it falls a bit short in terms of gameplay and visualization
– More persistent actions would be better so you are not constantly at odds with the clock/timer
Plus a few other things. Still, it was great to learn from it and we are looking forward to trying out different things in game dev.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 19.28.55
Screenshot 2016-02-18 19.28.09

Links to teams: TEAM 1 | TEAM 2

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